GLOCAL  is clearly what we stand for,  for many reasons.   GLOBAL COVERAGE through extensive agency network. many of the overseas partners are actually personal contacts allowing a much better understanding to offer you the full international logistics services.  And we are LOCAL everywhere through this network of personal contacts. 



We invite you to check with us for the extra mile,  as of course we move your cargo from A to B, and from B to A,  but we do extend extra services in the area  of international trade. 
Within our Group of business partners we have a team of professionals dedciated to just customs issues   Check for details with us.


What you expected to be read here.....  

Of course we arrange any shipment by  AIR,  by SEA, bla bla bla.... that's why you are on this page in the first place, right ??  

But we do it different than others.  
And that is why it's so fun to work with and to work for GLOCAL LOGISTICS.


while at the job!!

Our philosophy,  a day without a smile, is a day not lived,  so we strongly advise you not to sweat the small stuff.   You can call us for some small talk too,  or stop by a the office for a coffee.

We'd be happy to take some of the daily stress away and find time to relax, smile, and enjoy.   Yes, on the work floor.   Because happy people are productive people.

We want to pass on this positive energy to you  cause work and life is actually fun,  with the right ingredients of course.  

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